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Dorks with Forks Dinner Group

Dorks with Forks Dinner Group


Santa Barbara is a hard town to make friends in.  People come and go. It’s not an easy city to try and adult in.  The job market is small, and it’s expensive! Matt and I find we have a ‘new’ group of friends each year.  We are forced to embrace the ‘make new friends, but keep the old’ strategy.

However, over the past couple of years we’ve gotten to know a great couple, Jonathan and Hannah.  Hannah, like me, lived in the PNW for several years and went to college there. We are very liked minded and enjoy each other's company.  More than that though, we’ve learned to rely on each other during life’s big events that are just extra hard to navigate in a town like Santa Barbara.  Career moves, new jobs, weddings, natural disasters, losing grandparents and pets, issues with our own parents, housing, you name it! It seems simple, but in a town where people come and go and prove to be unreliable, our friendship with them is really unique.  


In small town fashion, we weave a tangled web.  Hannah housesits for my parents, who are gone quite often.  She’s become a huge support for them and they rely on her just as much as we do! Jonathan’s sister Beka, lives just down the street from my folks.  Sometimes we all feel like our lives revolve around my parents house in Summerland.

I tell you all of that to give you some context around this post.  A few months back, Beka came in to taste at August Ridge and she and I started talking about all the nice restaurants in Santa Barbara we’d love to eat at ‘someday’.  More expensive places. Places you’d only eat at if your parents were picking up the check, or there was a real reason to celebrate.

We finally came to the conclusion we needed a reason to visit all of these places.  We came up with the idea to start a dinner group. Matt, myself, Hannah, Jonathan and Beka would pick a new place to try the first Sunday of each month and treat ourselves to a nice meal just because.


We jokingly named it ‘Dorks with Forks’ but the name has stuck!! We have a few rules...if it’s your birthday month, you pick the place! Ideally, we all haven’t been to a place before, or it’s been a long while since we have.  We have an official Google Spreadsheet with places we'd like to try that we work off of and we try to use the Axxess card whenever possible.  Other than that, the rule is to enjoy, order what you want, indulge and treat yo self.




Here are the highlights from each Dork!


Favorite Restaurant: The Palace Grill

Favorite Dish: Jambalaya Pasta


Favorite Restaurant: Loquita

Favorite Dish: Duck Croquette


Favorite Restaurant: Barbereno

Favorite Dish: Paella from Loquita


Favorite Restaurant: Loquita

Favorite Dish: Duck Croquette


Favorite Restaurant: Barbareno

Favorite Dish: Duck Croquette from Loquita

Some months are harder to schedule than others, but we make it’s been made a priority.  We enjoy every meal and it’s such a treat to reward ourselves with an awesome meal each month! Do any of you SB Locals have any recommendations?


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