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Top 10 Offline Netflix Movies

Top 10 Offline Netflix Movies


Netflix recently released an update that allows you to download certain movies and shows to your device and watch in offline mode, which makes travel that much more fun :)  Gone are the days of downloading weird apps to access mediocre free movies and fighting with in-flight wifi.   My favorite feature of this update is that the download is deleted from your device within 48 hours as to not take up too much storage space.

Here are my Top 10 FAVORITE movies that are currently available for download on Netflix.  I am just focusing on movies because I find that sitting on a long flight is one of the few times I can commit to a movie, but there’s a great variety of TV Shows and Documentaries also!  

1. Philomena | 1h 38m | PG-13


I loved this movie.  Philomena follows an aging woman’s search for her first born son. Pregnant out of wedlock, Philomena was sent to a convent in Ireland to birth and raise her son.  Her son was taken from her at age 3 and sent to America for adoption.  This movie follows her and reporter Martin Sixsmith’s search to find her son.  Starring Judy Dench.   

2. Lion | 1h 58m | PG-13


Get the tissues.  Lion is a story about a young Indian boy, Saroo, who is separated from his family at age 5.  Saroo is eventually adopted by an Australian couple and at age 25 he begins a personal journey of self discovery to find his hometown and his mother.  Warning: this story will make you want to adopt Indian orphans.  Starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman.  

3. Spotlight | 2h 8m | R


Despite the heavy subject matter, I really enjoyed this movie.  A modern day “All the President's Men” this movie follows the investigative reporting team at The Boston Globe as they uncover the sexual abuses and subsequent cover ups of the Catholic Church.  Starring Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton.  (And my favorite, John Slattery)

4. The Woman in Gold | 1h 49m | PG-13


This movie was so interesting! It follows an elderly Austrian woman and her legal quest to reclaim ownership of family art stolen by the Nazi’s in WWII.  The acting and storyline are predictable and unimpressive, but the story is so interesting.  Starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.  

5. The Imitation Game | 1h 53m | PG-13


The Imitation Game is another fascinating historical fiction (sensing a theme here?) This movie profiles Alan Turning, a british genius who is hired by the British Government to crack Nazi codes.  His work is overshadowed by his homosexuality and eventual imprisonment.  Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley   

6. Boyhood | 2h 45m | R


Starring Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke, this movie follows a young boy, Mason, through his childhood.  The interesting this about this move is they use the same actors throughout the whole movie, so it took them 11 years to film and produce the movie.  The story line isn’t anything groundbreaking, but I appreciated the artistic take on using the same cast throughout the movie.  

7. The Queen | 1h 43m | PG-13

the queen.PNG

This story profiles the Royal Family the days following the death of Princess Diana.  Starring Helen Mirren, this historical fiction depicts the families internal conflict on how to best respond to the tragedy since Diana was technically no longer a member of the royal family, as well as the Queen’s involvement with the young grieving Princes William and Harry.  I found it especially interesting because I don’t remember too much about the death and aftermath of Princess Diana’s death.  

8. Atonement | 2h 2m | R


This movie tells such a tragic love story.  Based on the book by Ian McEwan, this story follows the young love of Cecilia Tallis (Keira Knightley) and Robbie Turner (James McAvoy). The movie follows the couple as their love is torn apart by jealousy and World War II and follows Cecilia's younger sister as she discovers the fate of the couple.  

9. The Giver | 1h 37m| PG-13

the giver.PNG

Finally, a not historical fiction.  The Giver is a futuristic fantasy story about a young man name Jonas who is given the gift of feeling emotions.  This gift gives Jonas knowledge about his community’s past and he must figure out what to do with this information while protecting the people he loves.  Starring Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges.  This movie is definitely weird, but I think I like it because I had to read the book several times growing up for school!

10. Moonrise Kingdom | 1h 34m | PG-13


Even on the ground, most Wes Anderson movies make me feel like I’m floating at 35,000 feet. Moonrise Kingdom follows a young love on a fictitious island and highlights the relationship between rebellious teens and their parents.  Starring Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and Bill Murray.  

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