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Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

Guate! Guate! Guate!!

Antigua, Guatemala.  We had the privilege of visiting my little brother last weekend in Guatemala. It was a city full of surprises!

How we got there:

  • Delta Airlines from LAX > Guatemala City direct
    • Mileage: 2485 Miles
    • Duration 4.5 hours
  • Taxi from Guatemala City > Antigua
    • Mileage: 15 miles
    • Duration: 1.25 hours

Where we stayed:

View of Volcan Auga from our Airbnb

Taanah Guest House.  A beautiful home with 4 guest rooms run by sweet Evelyn.  We had our own room and private bathroom with views of all three volcanos. 

Evelyn made us an awesome breakfast every morning and was very accommodating about Matt's many food allergies (between no eggs and no nuts, breakfast is our most difficult meal).

We typically secure our own places to stay when we've traveled in the past.  Staying in a guest house was a great experience and we got to chat with several different personalities around the breakfast table every morning.  We'll do it again!

  • Cost: $35/night
  • Distance to town: 10 minute walk
  • Neighborhood: Safe/Quiet

*If you're a fist time Airbnb user, you can save $35 on your first stay by booking through this link.

What surprised me:

The food was AMAZING everywhere we went.  Some quick recs:

  • Pappy's Texas Style BBQ. Yes, we flew all the way to Guate to have Texas BBQ.
  • Cactus Tacos (best margaritas in town!)
  • Michos.  Think weird small plated fusion food meets the best meal of your life.

Shrimp Tacos from Cactus

$2 Refreshing Cuba Libre

How CHEAP everything was.  A stiff cocktail that actually tastes good will run you $2-$5.

You can SEE lava at dusk when Fuego erupts.  Fuego would puff (or fart as my brother would say) about every 6 minutes throughout the day.  But he would put on quite a show in the evenings.

Chicken Buses!

The buses, aka the 'chicken buses'.  My brother describes the transportation system in Guatemala .."You get a bus from the US, add some colors and chrome, pick a route, and just start driving".  So I guess you would say it's a privatized transportation system?

The ayudante will vocally advertise his bus route by yelling the city he's headed to.  Many buses in town were heading to Guatemala City, so between the diesel fumes the the roar of the engine you'd hear "Gutate! Guate! Guate!" We took a short ride from Antigua to Cuidad Vieja and kept the longer rides for the locals :)

What I would do differently:

David and Matt barganing at the Mercato di artigianato

David and Matt barganing at the Mercato di artigianato

  • Stay LONGER.  Go to the lake, hike a volcano, eat and drink more and walk it off :)
  • Take the time to learn basic Spanish and have the confidence to use it.  My high school german didn't get me too far down there.
  • Buy more things! The markets down there were awesome.  Good thing I can send my brother a wish list of things for him to bring home :)
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