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How to Style a Wine Fridge

How to Style a Wine Fridge


I’ve been holding out on buying a wine fridge because I think they are expensive and ugly! The only time I think they look nice is in a big, modern kitchen when they’re built into the wet bar. 

We used to store our wine in our wine closet, but in September, we had 10 days in a row of over 90 degree temperatures, no central AC, which ruined several ruined $50 bottles of wine. We broke down and bought the wine fridge.

Now, where the heck do we put it?  Our kitchen is old, weird, cute, but horribly space inefficient.  Before the fridge, we had everything configured perfectly, so this fridge has been my arch nemesis since we bought it in September.  

It instantly made our kitchen too small.  Of course, we don’t have outlets in logical places, so we had to totally rearrange the kitchen in order to plug in the fridge.  I’ve broken three Riedel glasses trying to maneuver in our new space (or lack of space).  

This space in our kitchen needed a lot of finessing.  In that corner of the kitchen alone we have an ironing board, the electric box (behind the poster) and that strange little cubby.  BUT, there’s an outlet, which why we were stuck with the corner.  

One thing I’ve always loved is our little bar cart.  I got it off craigslist for $40 and I’ve been slowly pulling the labels off our favorite bottles and adhering them to the top of the bar.  So we moved that into the corner, and luckily the fridge is basically flush with the top of the bar cart.  Even though we were able to get everything into that corner, it still felt pieced together. After almost two months of playing with different accessories and pictures, I think we finally have it cute and functional.  



I still think it looks a little college-y, at but least my wine is safe! You can shop the look below for some inspiration.  Remember to focus on the whole space, not just the bar itself.


kitchen cart.PNG
sign 2.PNG

Retro Cocktail Sign (I found mine at goodwill!)


Tea Towel (I got mine in a shop in Paris, but there are a ton of fun ones out there!)


Dried Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Leaves  (I got mine at Trader Joe's for $2 and dried them myself!)


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